3 Ways to Power Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy



Videos, social media & blog posts, photographs and website text or copy are all examples of content that drive everything that you are trying to communicate to your people, your audience, your potential dream customers. So why put creating it on the back burner?

Many people leave content creation until the very end of the process of developing their brand/web identity and then wonder why they aren’t getting the results that they expect.

What if content was one of the first things that you plan? A house isn’t built without a plan and an architectural blueprint, right? So why jump into creating a website to house all of the awesomeness that you want to convey to your people without a plan? Without focused messaging and a content plan, your dream customers will have a harder time finding you in today’s vast digital landscape.

Your audience wants to know what makes your brand unique and why they should give a damn about working with you. Your website should be a living, breathing digital representation of your beautiful web self with messaging that connects emotionally with your dream customer. It should clearly and concisely show them how you appeal to their needs and what problems you will solve for them if they choose to become your follower, your customer, dare I say, your disciple.

Here are 3 ways that you can impact your digital marketing strategy:

1. Include specific goals for your content in your content plan.

Typically all content should have a goal such as increasing brand awareness or guiding your customer to take action on your website. It’s not putting the cart before the horse if you brainstorm great content ideas before the goal setting takes place. This can help you to better focus your content and help you come up with your marketing goals creating the alignment.

2. Become an expert on your target audience (your dream customers).

First and foremost, you can start by talking to your existing customers to better understand them. Beyond that, there are many resources out there where you can source data on your dream customers and the relevant conversation that is going on in your target market. This will require some sleuthing and information gathering on your part. There is a lot of free and public data available, but it may be worth paying for a service that has what you need to save time and make your life much easier.

For resources, here’s a list of market research tools that you can put to use from inbound marketing experts, Hubspot.

3. Figure out what content types are a good match for your business.

Your goal should be to keep your audience engaged so that you attract followers, customers, disciples that are in it for the long-haul with you/your brand. Mark W. Schaefer goes into detail about the 3 main type of content that YouTube first started categorizing in his book, The Content Code, they are:

  1. Hygiene Content – examples of this type of content are a series of training videos that introduce you to them and get them to your site. How-To articles or knowledge bases are good examples of this type of content.
  2. Hub Content – examples of this type of content are focused articles on a specific topic of interest to your audience that you can repurpose and reuse as “Evergreen” content later on to create webinars, videos or e-Training courses.
  3. Hero Content – This is not your typical content – this is something that has mass appeal and potential to go viral due to its sheer awesomeness. An example of this type of content is REI’s latest campaign that let’s people know they will be opting outside (#optoutside) on Black Friday. This retailer’s decision definitely goes against the grain and gets people’s attention. They have gone as far as to create a locator for multiple states that tell people what is the closest location to #optoutside instead of waiting in long lines at crazy hours to buy stuff (including theirs). They have even created a microsite for this event:rei-opt-outside

Finally, to wrap up, we will be discussing Web Design and how Branding & Content Strategy impact and contribute in our next Lab : : Note but until then, I am leaving you with a few super helpful templates for creating a “Content Execution Plan” courtesy of the folks over at Hootsuite.

Social Media Content Calendar

Editorial Content Calendar

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