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We believe your brand should too.


Official site launch early 2016.

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ei design lab

ei design lab crafts emotionally intelligent branding, content and web designs that connect creatives and motivational entrepreneurs with their dream customers.

Authentic Branding  +  Focused Content  +  Beautiful Design

This is the HEARTS + MINDS  {3} Part Formula

{1} Authentic Branding

Feelings drive people. Your people. Those dream customers you’d like to attract. They make decisions about whether they like or trust you in the first few seconds they land on your site.

Want to woo them with a brand that connects emotionally and feels instantly authentic?

Part {1} focuses on raising your brand E.Q. (Emotional Intelligence) with brand positioning that truly represents you, but most importantly – connects.

{2} Focused Content

Once you know your people, you’ve got to speak to your people. Clearly and simply speak to their hearts + minds. Keep it concise and focused to inspire them to take action.

Easier said than done, right?

Our work together for part {2} is all about mixing up a strategic content solution that keeps it simple and cuts to the conversions. And when we’re done, we send you off with some serious strategy and DIY tools.

{3} Beautiful Design

You need a beautiful website, but it should be more than just a pretty face.

It’s your hardest working employee and when great user centered web design, authentic branding and focused content meet, that’s the hearts + minds formula. Simple. As. That.

Part {3} is all about packaging it all up in a beautiful user-friendly design and helping you visually position yourself, well – as YOURSELF (your beautiful web self).

The {3} Part Formula is how we work and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why?  We believe it’s how we can help you be most successful.

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